Warehouse. Stock Management and Handling


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Warehouse. Promid’s semi-finished storage warehouse, together with the wide availability of raw materials, can fully satisfy every customer’s need. Moreover, thanks to the close collaboration established with its suppliers, Promid can quickly find particular materials or with special characteristics.



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Stock management. Promid’s warehouse is the place where the incoming raw materials are stored and where the finished products ready for shipping or for further processing are placed. The defined quantity of each item in stock is called “stock”, in order to be “used” and supplied again on time, according to the needs. “Consumption” means both the use of the raw material to make finished or semi-finished products (that is real consumption) and the sale of the finished product as a result of sale or as a return after having worked third-party (in this case consumption identifies itself in the difference between the quantity of the pieces sold). In addition to making goods available, the warehouse allows the release between the production and consumption steps and at the same time it allows to optimize transport costs, scheduling combined deliveries at nearby addresses and using the most suitable means of transport from time to time.



Scorte in magazzino

Handling. A correct warehouse handling allows to identify the stock reorder point, through a new purchase order, and its goal is preventing the depletion of stocks that would compromise the production flow. To do this two aspects are examined:
1) The supplier’s time needed to replenish the stocks;
2) The safety stock, so the minimum level of material available in stock, to prevent delays in deliveries and sudden increases in demand.



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