Processed Materials

The materials processed by Promid are the following:


Zinc-coated Sheet Metal. Pickled Sheet Metal
Zinc-coated sheet metal. Pickled sheet metal. The zinc-coated sheet metals are commonly marketed in rolls of different sizes and weight. The width of the product can vary according to the specific requirements, but in general standard widths are marketed, called “developments”, obtained from even larger rolls, with widths that are submultiples of 100, 125 and 150 cm.


Pre-painted Sheet Metal. Plastic-coated Sheet Metal
Pre-painted sheet metal. Plastic-coated sheet metal. The pre-painted or plastic-coated sheet metal offers excellent characteristics of impermeability and thermal insulation. It is a material of easy working: it is suitable for many solutions both aesthetic and functional with reasonable costs and it can guarantee a long life and a good protection against atmospheric agents.


Copper. The working of this so useful and widespread metal, thanks to the many possibilities of application, can be done through many procedures. Our company performs types of copper working for mainly electromechanical and electrical uses.


Aluminium. It is an extremely widespread metal, second only to iron for applications and uses. It is worked by our company mainly to realize applications and supports in the electromechanical and electrical sectors.


Stretch Wire Mesh
Stretch wire mesh. The stretch wire mesh is obtained by carving sheet metal, through shaped tools that define both the width and depth of the meshes. Promid makes cutting operations and bending for electromechanical and electrical usability.


Polycarbonates. The use of polycarbonate materials is very widespread both in the electromechanical and in the electrical sectors, thanks to its thermal and mechanical resistance, hardness and electrical properties. Promid makes operations of bending, cutting, perforation and insertion of inserts and stud bolts.


GPO3. Laminate based on glassy material and anti-trace polyester resin, the GPO3 is a self-extinguishing stratified insulator, with excellent dielectric and mechanical properties. It is normally used as an insulating material for electrical and electronic equipment of all kinds.


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