PROGETTO-2 [800x600]

Planning. The planning is at the base of the construction of any machinery and also of the construction of any object or service. Thanks to the appropriate use of technical rules and regulations, calculations, specifications, drawings and skills, we can arrive at the definition of the procedures necessary for the construction of a manufactured product or the creation of a service. The planning activity consists therefore of a set of processes in which knowledge, methods, actions, materials and tools are organized, in order to obtain the specifications for the execution procedures. Every manufactured product created in an industrial way is born on a drawing table, to take into account all the factors which allow, in a preventive way, to optimize production procedures and costs.


PROGETTO-3 [800x600]

Technical drawing. The technical drawing allows the graphic representation of geometric elements and/or their assembly, and it is able to provide measurement and shape data which are basic for the realization of physical manufactured products of all kinds.
The technical drawing is defined two-dimensional (also called 2D) when it represents an object in the different views (above, side, front) or “orthogonal projections”.
However in most cases the drawing is made in three-dimensional form (also called 3D). It manages to represent an object in the complete view through several methods: perspective representation, axonometric projection, central projection. The advantages of the 3D realization on CAD consist in the possibility to visualize assemblies in virtual reality and they give the possibility to eliminate intermediate steps of prototyping.


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