Sheet Metal Marking

Marcatrice a controllo numerico

Sheet metal marking. The sheet metal marking is a process whereby the surface is permanently altered by percussion on a semi-finished product. This process allows to engrave symbols or codes on a flat surface, depending on the customer’s specific needs.
Widespread technology, the electropneumatic marking of the sheet metal offers some advantages, among which we can mention: the versatility, the inalterability of the result, the definition, the efficiency, the speed and repeatability of the process, the predisposition to the insertion in line, as well as a significant containment of the running costs.
The qualities of the electropneumatic marking allow to meet the most frequent industrial application needs: traceability of the product or lot of belonging, personalization, counterfeiting, certification, decoration.


Esempio di marcatura su semilavorato

Our working. Promid uses a numerical control marking machine, which allows to change the working parameters quickly, with a consequent reduction in the processing costs.
Through an appropriate programming it is also possible to obtain very different aesthetic results: by operating at low speeds, the microdots can overlap by providing a single, continuous line. Increasing the translation speed, the dots move away, so they provide a discontinuous line.
The marking is a mandatory requirement by law, for certain types of product (pipes, tools, etc.). In all the other cases it can concretely contribute to an easier management of the single item.


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