Sheet Metal Bending

Macchina piegatrice

Sheet metal bending. The bending operation is a mechanical working through which an object is deformed as a result of applying forces.
During this working some parts of the sheet metal are bent by cold plastic deformation, until the chosen value of the angles is reached. Ultimately we can state that bending is the step in which mechanical parts, previously produced with the shears or with the punching machine, take their specific shape.
The three CNC numerical control bending machines that are part of our organic machineries, under the direction and supervision of skilled staff which boosts a great work experience, allow us to meet quickly and accurately the most varied customer’ requests, allowing us to constantly maintain standards of unexceptionable quality.


Macchina piegatrice

Further specifications. The main factors to consider during the bending operations are the following:
• The bending radius must be compatible with the material to be bent: the radius, if excessively small, can cause cracks that can reduce the resistance of the piece to the stress, or, in the case of copper, reduce its electrical conductivity. The minimum acceptable bending radius varies according to the nature and state of the material, as well as its thickness.
• The elasticity of the material, that is the elastic return of the bent element once the bending operation has finished, is larger than the material to be bent is harder, and higher is the worked radius.
• For the deformations that can be obtained in the bending, the length of the piece to be bent may not coincide with the development of the fibers of the bent piece. The position and the length of the fibers involved in the bending depend both on the nature of the material, on the radius of curvature and on the thickness of the sheet metal. Then, given the thickness of the material, the radius and finally the angle of bending, it is possible to determine the development of the piece to be bent, applying appropriate coefficients.


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