Pre-painted sheet metal. Plastic-coated sheet metal

Lamiera preverniciata in rotolo

Pre-painted sheet metal. The pre-painted sheet metal allows to reduce the working and plasma treatment times of the finished or semi-finished products.
Briefly we describe the production process: we start from a roll of raw sheet metal that, after having been straightened, is subjected to the necessary degreasing and drying processes before proceeding with the subsequent coating and plasma treatment processes of the paints.
The cycle ends with the creation of a new roll of sheet metal, which is in turn sold in full or divided according to the customer’s requests.
In addition to the advantages related to the reduction of the working times, the pre-painted sheet metal offers durability, quality and resistance of the coating, reduction of the transport costs and lowering of the environmental impact due to the painting operations, as professional purification systems installed at the industrial painting plants are used.



Lamiera plastificata in rotolo

Plastic-coated sheet metal. The plastic-coated sheet metal has a production process very similar to that of the pre-painted sheet metal. In turn this process consists in straightening the roll in raw sheet metal, in the process of degreasing, washing and drying and finally in the operations of the application of a PVC film as an external coating.
The working versions include, for example, the application of different coatings on the two sides of the same sheet: one side covered with protective PVC film, the other side coated with primer (base coat of paint, applied before next coats are put) to facilitate the application of polyurethane or other materials that make the sheet specific for different or particular uses.


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