Copper Plate Punching

Punzonatura lastre di rame

Copper plate punching. Extremely corrosion-resistant material, copper is used in many sectors, for each it can answer thanks to its different structural characteristics. The copper is sectioned, then sheared on drawing, later it can be placed into the tool and punched or engraved. This up to obtain the dimensions, thickness and characteristics suitable for the use for which it was planned. The punching work requires a metal surface as a support, after which it is possible to operate by acting with a die together with a punch.
The punching must take into account the breaking tension of the material, beyond which the separation of the parts occurs. It is also essential to use special blocks that prevent unwanted deformations on the copper under working, preventing the formation of sharp edges or irregularities.
The natural ductility of copper allows a careful working: electronics, precision and hydro-health-care mechanics are some of the production categories that make an extensive use of copper parts. In many cases copper has the delicate task of conducting electricity, so the micrometric accuracy in the realization of each piece turns out to be very significant.


Punzonatura Lastre in rame

Further specifications. The punching of copper plates is performed by specialized technicians using machines that can punch and bend the copper with extreme precision and which allow to produce pieces of absolute quality, always perfectly suited to the fulfilment of their task.
The combined operation of bending and punching occurs thanks to the use of a special stamp, which is placed in the hydraulic piston and which exerts pressure on the copper. It is previously necessary to set and memorize the goniometer to the desired bending, to ensure that all the pieces have the same shape. In the same way the punch which is placed in the hydraulic piston provides for the perforation of the copper part, in the position previously established.
Promid’s technological level, which is in progressive evolution, together with competent planning and employment of qualified staff, allows us to offer complex copper realizations at extremely interesting prices.


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